Past Research Collaborators

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Tola Adeoye

Energy Systems Modelling, Power Engineering, Hydropower, SDGs 

Tola's research focuses on the development of interconnections and a regional electricity market in West Africa in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. She has a background in power systems engineering, with several years of experience in sustainable building services designs. 


Dimitrios Angeletos

Engineering, Life-cycle assessment, Electric Vehicles

Dimitri is a mechanical/environmental engineer with experience on the design and dimensioning of an electric sport car concept. His current research is on the electrification of transportation in the Greek Islands, analysing the potential environmental and financial benefits.

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Luiza Potter Haussen

Energy efficiency, Renewable Energy, Resource Management

Luiza has 8 years' experience working with energy use in the built environment, sustainable design and renewable energy implementation. She has worked mainly in hospitality, healthcare and telecom sectors. Her academic research focuses in energy modelling, data analysis and resource planning for islands.


Julia Lucchese

Energy resources, SDGs, Circular economy

Julia is an architect with experience in energy, resources and sustainability focusing on the built environment and materials, mining. Julia has experience in empirical case studies, data management, visualisation, mapping SDGs for energy-materials nexus