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Charlotte Norman

International Advisory Board

Belmont Re-Energize DR3 Project

Charlotte Norman is the director of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction department at the National Disaster Management Organisation, Accra, Ghana. A woman with excellent communication and professional skills.
She is a graduate of University of Cape Coast, Ghana, Thames Valley University in Slough UK, and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
She previously worked on Advocacy and Communication as well as an Advocate for Human Right with Amnesty International, Ireland. She was involved in the establishment of a Web Emergency Operation Centre. She has been trained in the use of the Incident Command System and helped in developing various scenarios for simulation exercises. Other trainings include Disaster Management, Food and human security, Disaster Risk Reduction, Conflict resolution, Defence Management, Agricultural Insurance among others. Currently, she is the Government Coordinator and technical lead on contingency planning for the African Risk Capacity in Ghana.
She has represented the organisation on various international Disaster and Climate Change Platforms in South Korea, Peru, Germany, Singapore, France, Switzerland, China, UK and several African Countries. Currently the focal person on Early Warning for the GARID PROJECT of the World Bank.
She has served on numerous committees including the National Climate Change Committee and also, a member of the International Day for disaster Risk Reduction committee. A board member of VOICE (centre for inclusive communities).

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