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Jakob Rhyner

International Advisory Board

Belmont Re-Energize DR3 Project

Jakob Rhyner is professor for Global Change and Systemic Risks in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bonn, and Scientific Director Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research, a new joint initiative of several research and education institutions in Bonn The Bonn Alliance focuses in the Research priorities Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, Mobility and Migrations, and Bioeconomy. Until recently, Jakob has served as Director of the Institute for Environment and Human Security at the United Nations University (UNU-EHS), and as Co-Chair of the Governing Council of Future Earth. At United Nations University he has been responsible for the development of joint master programmes on environmental security. In addition, he has more than 10 years of experience in industrial research in the energy sector, as well as environmental risk research and management, including early warning systems.

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