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Re-Energize DR3

Kick-Starting Global Governance

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Governance of Disaster Risk

Reduction and Resilience for

Sustainable Development

What we do?

Re-Energize is a funded project (April 2020- March 2023) focusing on the governance of disasters risk reduction and resilience to boost the sustainable development goals hosted at UCL Energy Institute.

The number of weather-related hazards such as droughts, floods and heat waves has tripled, and their frequency and intensity are expected to continue increasing, adding greater pressure on resource availability. These risks are amplified by climate variability and change and made more complex by changing patterns of human activity. By 2030 there could be 325 million people exposed to the full range of natural hazards and climate extremes.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Forest Fire

This programme explores the governance of DR3 for sustainability development and the key features are:

  • Develop an integrated toolbox with research instruments, datasets, modelling, foresight and open access for governance and resource management for DR3.

  • Co-production, engagement and actions starting with seven locations and reaching out to others, to enable effective collaboration to ensure discussion leads to action.

  • Take a holistic approach for adaptive governance approaches which imperative for equitable DR3.

  • Identify effective policies and regulations to channel actions and changes.

How we do?

Re-Energize will use nexus-informed methodological approach combined artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. The goals of this study is to build adaptive governance capabilities by combining quantitative and qualitative scientific approaches to enable equitable disaster risk reduction and resilience in development planning and development progammes. Within an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research agenda we plan to contribute evidence to governments' plans for disaster risk reduction and resilence and enable equitable disaster risk reduction and resilience in development planning and development programmes.


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Prof Dr Catalina Spataru

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